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Apology Ceremony to the Nature Spirits

Wood Elf  (c) Eelke-Jan Wiersma.  Used by permission.

Note: this Ceremony Offering sources from the first Nature Spirits Webinar that the extraordinary Nature Spirit Mystic & Wizard Cornelis Jan Cuperus and I co-led in the winter of 2020, when Mother Gaia requested that a Global Grid of Apology ceremonies be organized on March 21st, during the significant portal of Spring Equinox.


The Nature Spirits and the Sidhe continue to yearn for more humans to offer an Apology to them from the depths of our hearts -- apologies for what all of our Ancestors have done to them and many humans are continuing to do through sheer unconsciousness. Most of us have no clue how much we have hurt them, and removed their homes, disrespected them by turning them into Fairy Tales and more.


Thus, here are some suggestions on leading this type of ceremony. There is no one approach, so please follow your guidance.


Begin by burning some sacred herb to create sacred space. Then light a white candle representing your Pure Heart. Call in Creator and Mother Gaia and whoever you know is in your Spirit Team. Visualize yourself in a beautiful bubble of white light, and if you know who your Spiritual Guardians are, call them in. You are always most welcome to call on Archangel Michael and the Virgin Mary, as guardians, too. Plus Metatron, as he loves supporting the Nature Spirits!


Then spiritually invite in all the Nature Spirits serving the Highest Good in your neighborhood. And you are most welcome to call in some of the overarching Nature Spirits such as Cernunnos and Manannán Mac Lir. And more from the traditions that you may have studied. 


Tell everyone you have called in/invoked spiritually the purpose of the ceremony. (They will already know, yet it is good for the purpose to be stated.)


You will want to have a piece of paper nearby and a pen.


Next – write a deeply heart-felt apology to them. Whatever comes into your heart to tell them. Try to put yourself in their "shoes" and imagine what has happened to them that has been so hurtful and worse. Write from that place. You can apologize for your Ancestors too!


After you have written it -- then read your letter out loud to them. They will be there in your space listening to you. (They are guiding me as to how to write this post... honestly.)


After you have read it out loud, you can drum, sing, chant, rattle ... whatever comes forward. And then here is a key part ... Sing a Silly Song! Do some silly dancing! Bring some fun and lightness to your ceremony. They are all about high energy and fun. Our heavy human energies are a burden for them actually.


And once you've done your singing, dancing … whatever, silliness ... see how your ceremony feels. How do you feel?


At the very end of the ceremony, you will want to burn your letter to let the pure, heart-felt energies you put into it be released into the Spirit Planes. That will support them even more. You can do this outside in a pot. All good.


Or if you like to do Sacred Fire ceremony, this will only heighten the sacred healing energies of your ceremony too. You can burn your Apology letter in the Sacred Fire.


Once you sense that it is time for you to end the ceremony and you have accomplished what you intended to do, then that is all good. It does not need to be a long ceremony.


To end the ceremony, in a clear, direct voice, thank all the Sacred Ones who gathered for the ceremony on the spiritual planes, and tell them that you send them Love and Gratitude and “The ceremony is over!” And then blow out your candle.


This is a basic ceremony. You can make it more elaborate by calling in the four directions or seven directions. I'm getting into more than these simple guidelines were meant to cover, but just wanted to share a little more. Some ceremonies are very long - as in days (Sundances). Some can be 15 minutes long. The important thing is your pure heart and intentions.

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