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About Mother Gaia

Mother Gaia is our Planetary Caretaker. She is an ancient and quite powerful spiritual being who sources from off planet. 

Many consider our planet to be Gaia along with all of Nature. Yet she is actually a spiritual being who has merged with the planet as our Caretaker. All of Nature is deeply connected to her energetics though, in each species’ great intelligence and consciousness within the flows of energy that move around and through our Sacred Earth.

Mother’s role is to further evolution of both the physical and the spiritual/energetic realms. She works closely with a multitude of spiritual councils both on and off planet to accomplish this. 

All planets have Planetary Caretakers. Earth was created to have one which is more feminine. Some Planetary Caretakers are more masculine such as the one on Mars. And then others are more androgynous. It depends on the planet and the Divine Plan of that particular celestial body.


Gaia (c) Olivia Olivos. Used by permission


Earth is a rather exceptional planet in that our evolution has created tremendous biodiversity and beauty, all in alignment with the planet’s Divine Plan. Earth is also rather unique as souls have the potential to grow spiritually quite quickly here while we are in the physical – if we deeply awaken to this purpose.


We actually have a new Planetary Caretaker on Earth who fully stepped into her role in January, 2013. Her story is a bit complicated and you can learn more about it and her Sacred Union Partner, Guy, along with their offspring, Geodessixa in this GaiaTeach Video on YouTube

Hence, I call our current Caretaker – Mother Gaia. The one who has just left in the past few years I refer to as Earth Mother to make that distinction.

I have been informed by Mother Gaia that she is the 6th Planetary Caretaker for our planet. Other spiritual beings have done their ‘shift’ as Caretaker and then phased out to be replaced by another one. This is not a simple process and significant councils on the Spirit Planes on and off planet are quite involved. 

Photo by Harold Blum. Used by permission.

It is challenging for most of us to understand the connections between different beings in the spiritual realms. Yet Mother is encouraging me to share that she embodies the Divine Feminine energies of the Great Divine Mother, the Goddess/Creatrix of the universe who is the feminine aspect of Creation. Great Mother/Creatrix’s energies flow through Mother Gaia’s deeply powerful, compassionate, procreative presence to be grounded here within our planet.

There is more to Mother than words can truly describe – especially English words since our culture eradicated the profound awareness of Mother’s existence that our ancient ancestors had. Hence, we are missing terms that can fully define her. Most native languages have words in their languages which describe her in great detail.

Mother is ready for all to wake back up to her and come Home to her tremendous Quantum Divine Love and healing energies.


We have a New Earth manifesting quickly these days and Mother Gaia needs all to re-member her

and come back into our rightful place in the Sacred Dance here on Earth.  


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