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Great Mother Love Day!


Mother Gaia is inviting us to expand our approach to Earth Day. And honor her every day, in truth!


Over a billion people celebrate Earth Day annually. It is a tremendous international event with communities around the world focusing on greener, more sustainable lifestyles.


These Earth Day events are important, yet our dominant world society needs a spiritual revolution that will bring us back Home to Mother Gaia and all the Sacred Seen & Unseen Ones. We need to re-member our sacred role within the global Web of Love. From this place of re-membering, we become deeply compelled to make the shifts to far more sustainable lifestyles.


Mother is calling for us to wake up to her existence, honor her and connect with her directly also. She is our Planetary Caretaker, our foremost Mother, and her role here on Earth is very significant, far more significant than most people realize. 


Indigenous peoples have never forgotten Mother. Their medicine people still communicate with her and they honor her in their ceremonies and ways of living. They are baffled that our modern-day culture has forgotten her!


Mother would like for us to offer Love to her from our hearts, and commit to living in balance and harmony with her and all of her Sacred Seen & Unseen Ones! This includes environmentally positive actions such as picking up trash, phasing out fossil fuel use, limiting our plastic consumption, offering educational materials on how to live more in harmony with nature, and especially planting trees.


To complement what most Earth Day events offer, Mother asked me to share some different activities to help you connect with her and her Sacred Ones. 


You can do these every day even. Hope you will join in!

GaiaBelly.Pearl Whitecrow.jpg

Painting by Pearl Whitecrow

Ways to Celebrate “Earth Mother Love Day!”


Photo by Dennis Crews

  • From a standing or sitting position, still your mind and focus on dropping your energy down to your heart and then your lower chakras. 

    • Visualize tree roots extending from your root chakra and feet down to Mother Gaia’s heart. 

    • From this place, open your awareness to all of the nature around you. And then open your heart to them too. You are surrounded by a multitude of Sacred Seen & Unseen Ones wherever you are in Nature. These are the trees, flowers, animals and even Nature Spirits around you. 

    • Visualize cords of love energy from your heart out to these Sacred Seen & Unseen Ones and how you are all woven together in a tremendously complex and vibrant Web of Love. 

    • Send love into this Web of Love. 

    • Then PAUSE to feel the Love coming back to you. This may take a number of times for you to sense this, yet as your rapport grows, you should begin to feel it. 

    • Understand how you are so interconnected with this Field of Love and all the Divine Ones who are part of it. You are not separate from it but within it, a part of it.​​


Practice Mother’s Love Cord Connection 


Go outside (barefoot, if you can):

  • Praise Mother, express your gratitude and love to her. Tell her of all that you are deeply grateful for that she has blessed you and all of us with. Know that she will hear you!


  • Lay down on the ground in the grass (untreated lawn, of course) face first, and inhale the aroma of the grass and soil. Then kiss the sacred grass. 

    • Still laying on the ground, feel your belly and your wombspace on Mother's skin (the surface of the planet).

    • Ask that your wombspace be connected with Mother’s wombspace in the heart of the planet. 

    • See a golden energetic cord linking you from your wombspace to Mother’s wombspace in the center of the Earth. (If you have had surgery there, the feminine organs are still within your etheric body. Also, men have a wombspace in their aura too.)

    • Send love to Mother from your wombspace and ask her to send Love back to you.

All Connected-WebChild.jpg

Artist Unknown


Photo by Gonda Postma

  • Find a tree and approach it. This is hopefully a tree that you can visit often. 

    • Ask permission from the tree as to whether it is open to your connecting with it. Tune in to sense whether there are receptive energies from the tree or a ‘push-away’ energetic.  If the tree is not receptive, then move on to another one. Most trees are eager to connect with us. 

    • Once you have found the right tree, make an offering of tobacco or lavender or other sacred herb at the base of the tree. 

    • Then sit with your back leaning against it. 

    • Send love to the tree and drop your energy down again, stilling your mind. 

    • You can visualize merging your energy into the roots of the tree extending way down into the ground. Perhaps you are feeling yourself merging energetically with the entire tree.

    • This tree is very intelligent and wise. Does it have a message for you? Or is it sending you healing energies? 

    • Listen and feel. The tree knows what you need better than you do.

  • Another approach is to find a plant, large or small, a tall tree, a blade of grass. 

    • See how the breath you are inhaling is the breath of this plant’s exhalation and as you breathe out, offer your breath to the plant. 

    • Do this for seven breaths. 

    • Ask the plant, "What have you for me?" And listen. 

    • Offer gratitude when this is complete.

    • (Credit: Julie Charette Nunn,


Photographer Unknown

  • Sitting on the ground, imagine holding a young doe on your knees. 

    • Feel its presence. 

    • Then feel her love field with which she touches your heart space. 

    • Now allow for certain qualities of your heart system to flow into the love field that is building between you. 

    • Listen/feel for the response of her love field. 

    • Say thank-you and get up to leave the doe to its natural habitat again. (Credit: Marko Pogacnik,

Source: Pinterest

  • Stand facing a mountain.

    • Hold up both hands with the palms vertically facing each other, their clearance corresponding to the breadth of the mountain as observed by your eyes. 

    • Then make a gesture as if you want to hug the mountain by bringing your hands around the mountain until the two middle fingers touch (at the back of the mountain). 

    • Now bring this hugging gesture (and with it the mountain) closer to the centre of your heart. But leave enough space for the mountain to breathe. 

    • Now begin to sense the loving relationship between the two of you. 

    • Then open your hands so that the mountain can return to its place. 

    • (The same exercise can also be done with stones or crystals. In that case, before the embracing, make sure that you adjust the distance between your hands to the width of the stone or crystal as your eyes.) (Credit: Marko Pogacnik,

BlueRidgeMtns.D Bruner.jpg

Blue Ridge Mountains. Photo by D. Bruner

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