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Healings &
Spiritual Coaching

Dear Mare, my session with you was life changing and so perfectly what I needed.
So many shifts and wonderful things happened after it. One by one, I felt old patterns
and fears leave and new things begin. I felt myself change and grow. And I want to
tell you with great joy that I am pregnant!  After so much spiritual work, tears,
hope, and faith, it finally happened! It couldn’t have happened without
Mother Gaia, you and Spirit. Thank you!

~ S.C., Pennsylvania

Mare Cromwell has studied for twenty-six years with Native American elders and other spiritual mentors. Some might call her a Medicine Woman. As a gifted empathic intuitive healer and shamanic practitioner, she is deeply connected with Mother Gaia along with the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Great Divine Mother, Christ Consciousness and other Ascended Masters. 

Mare lives a path of complete Surrender to Mother and sources the profound wisdom 

and immense Love energy of the “Great Mother Team” in the laser-focused healings and coachings she offers her clients. She has also studied energy balancing, and introductory training in cranial sacral healing and Rubenfeld Synergy Work to weave subtle aspects of all these modalities into her healing practice. 


Photo by Dennis Crews

Mare holds a gentle but immensely powerful space. She helped me tune into Past Lives, and upgraded my Angelic and other
Spirit Team support.  

~ C. J. Melbourne, Australia


Mare supports her clients in an effective grounded way with compassion and humor – so that they may evolve into their innate perfection. More than anything, she taps into the immense Love energy of the Great Divine Mother and Mother Gaia in the healings and coachings she provides. 

Mare's offerings:
~ Great Mother Energy Healer and Shamanic Practitioner: Using her empathic intuitive gifts along with her deep connection with the Mother Team and more, Mare draws on significant healing energy to facilitate the release of stuck emotional or energy patterns that no longer serve, which can facilitate physical healing also.

This includes:

      • Cutting energetic cords to past experiences and people that no longer serve you.  

      • Connecting with your ancestors and loved ones who have passed over, if necessary.

      • Soul retrievals to call back any missing soul parts that have been lost due to previous trauma.


      • Clearing discordant soul connections.

      • Heart chakra healings.

      • Ancestral clearings to send those energies which have not been serving you or your family for generations back to the Luminous Love of the Spiritual Realms.

      • Upgrading your Spirit Team.

      • Wounded inner child healing.

      • And more as Mare is spiritually guided in alignment with your Highest Good for Divine Plan Alignment.


Photo by B. Poirier

More Offerings:

~ Spiritual/Intuitive Coach: teaching about Energy Shielding and connecting you to your personal sacred path and truth -- with a strong focus on the Divine Feminine.

~ Helping you tap into the Quantum Divine Love of Creation and the Great Mother, to support you rising into your Highest Self.

~ As a Mystic/Medium, Mare can tap into the wisdom of Mother Gaia, Mary Magdalene, Christ Consciousness and more to help guide you in your spiritual growth and sacred connection with the Divine.

Contact Mare to explore how she may help you, and to learn about her practice and rates. Sessions can be either long-distance or in person.  

Mare is also available for personalized ceremonies such as Weddings, Mother Blessingways and other rituals personally designed for you. To learn more, contact her directly.

“Upon randomly watching one of Mare's YouTube videos, I was instantly drawn to her.  To describe Mare is difficult because there are just so many elements.  She is genuine, loving, and full of integrity.  Mare describes herself as a medicine woman, but she is so much more.  She embodies Mother Gaia and is full of love.  During her sessions, you can't help but feel relaxed and loved.  It's like you are in a womb.  The experience I had during my session with Mare was like no other.  I received answers to my questions, straight-forward advice and healing in a completely unique way.  To anyone considering a session, I would
wholeheartedly encourage you to work with Mare.”   

~D.P. Houston, Texas

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