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About Mare

Photo by Dennis Crews

Mare Cromwell is the Founder and Executive Director of the Great Mother Love Way. She is a humble servant to Mother Gaia and Mother’s spiritual councils. As an internationally known Gaia Mystic & High Priestess, visionary, healer and award-winning author, she is committed to help birth The New Earth. Some might call her a Medicine Woman. 


She has studied for 26 years with various Native American elders and other gifted mentors, yet her life of surrender to the Great Mother was activated in early June 2012 when Mother’s energy and consciousness were brought into Mare’s soul body in a significant ceremony with a Native elder. 


The Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Christ Consciousness, White Buffalo Calf Woman and other ascended masters are part of her Spirit Team, along with a Council of Divine Beings in the Omni-Cosmos called Oona & Oon's Councils (who are the 'Family of One'). Mare also works with the Creatrix.


Photo by Dennis Crews

​Mare Cromwell is an extraordinary, loving, compassionate, and oh-so-wise being
who is a profound and authentic voice of Mother Gaia. Her sacred ceremonies and guided
meditations go deep into the heart and truth of the matter at hand. The big and
important work Mare is doing for the greater good of this planet and all her
inhabitants is truly inspiring. [All would be] blessed to receive her radiant
presence and her healing, awakening, and transformative gifts. 

~ Linda Shay Nai'a, Dolphin Ambassador for Joyful Living &

 author of "Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land"       


Mare's foremost credo is “Mother has a plan!”  And Mother keeps her rather busy.  ;~)


Since her activation in June 2012, she has channeled two books with Mother (both award-winning): "The Great Mother Bible", and “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”. Her first nationally recognized book is: “If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America”.


In late 2018, Mother along with the ‘Family of One’ instructed Mare to create the "Great Mother Love Way" year-long course under their guidance. This training offers a way of being that is deeply immersed in Mother Gaia’s love, and empowering for the participants to step into their true potential to serve Mother’s Highest Good.

Water ceremony on the Gulf of Mexico.

Notice nature spirit as orb. ;~)  Photo by B. Poirier

Mare has also initiated and co-webweaves an annual spiritual Global Grid of ceremonies, per Mother’s request: the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid. In addition, she organized the Sacred Balance Global Grid in March, 2022. These Unified Fields of ceremony offer deep healing to Mother Gaia and all of her sacred seen and unseen ones – all to lay the groundwork for the full Birthing of the New Earth.


Prior to her full surrender to Mother Gaia, Mare received a Masters in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan, coordinated an international environmental education network, consulted with environmental non-profits, and ran a Sacred Gardening business. 


Her journey includes overcoming cancer twice on her own terms. … And she absolutely loves ceremony, gardening and Sacred Silliness!


Sacred Balance Global Grid Drumming Ceremony, 

March 21, 2022, Melbourne, Australia

"Mare Cromwell is one of our Great Listeners. She beautifully carries the ancient, necessary wisdom into our Present, so we may have a Future!"  


~ Judith Hill, Mystic Muse, Author of "Dazzling Wobble"

Recent Interviews with Mare

•  June, 2022 ~ With Kathy Forest in "The Great Womb Awakening" summit, which offered practical tools to access our own womb wisdom, and to harness that wisdom to create change in our world at a rate we have never seen before! 

•  August, 2022 ~ Within Pathways to Peace "Repository of Wisdom".

•  October, 2022 ~ A View through the Veil with Barb Crowley: "Conversations with Gaia, Mother Earth"

•  October, 2022 ~ Interview with Priestess Schamet Horsfield on the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid

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