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Board of Directors


Linda Benko has worked in multiple forms of bookkeeping throughout her working career.  These were primarily for law firms, as well as a few businesses, and a stint servicing clients under an accountant. She also has a rich background in spiritual studies with a number of recognized teachers. 

Linda is the Treasurer of the Great Mother Love Way Inc.


Mare Cromwell is a humble servant to Mother Gaia. As an internationally known Gaia Mystic & High Priestess, visionary, healer and award-winning author, she is committed to helping to Birth the New Earth. Mare has studied with Native Americans elders for 26 years, and spiritually downloaded the books: “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother” and "The Great Mother Bible". 


Her life of surrender to the Great Mother was activated in early June 2012 when Mother’s energy and consciousness were brought into Mare’s soul body in a significant ceremony with an Algonquin elder. Immediately following that ceremony, Mare could hear Mother’s voice very clearly and she has been guided closely since.  Several prominent Native American elders including Bennie LeBeau/Bavado Tatun Corazon and Woody Vaspra (World Council of Elders) have confirmed Mare’s close rapport with Mother Gaia. Woody even stated that Mare’s work is in the Native Prophecies.


Mare is the visionary behind several Spiritual Global Grids including the annual “1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid” and the “Apology Ceremonies to the Original Peoples & Their Ancestors” (March 19th, 2023). She also leads the “Great Mother Love Way” and offers programs on Nature Spirits, Sacred Gardening and more. She is the Founder & Director of the Great Mother Love Way Inc, and absolutely loves Sacred Silliness!

Mare is the President of the Board of the Great Mother Love Way Inc.


Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Diane Elliot has been living in SW Virginia for fifty-three years. Over this time, Diane has been active on a number of community non-profit boards and currently is on the board of the GMLW, Inc. and Mpanzi, a women’s empowerment organization in western Kenya. She brought the Dances of Universal Peace to Roanoke, Virginia, and has been a student of western Sufism for over twenty years. She has also studied Cherokee spirituality with The Venerable Dhayni Ywahoo of Sunray Meditation Society. She is an ordained Cheraga in the Sufi tradition, “a lamp that Light shines through”, which has led to being celebrant at weddings, funerals, house blessings and house clearings. 



Diane also had a cranial-sacral therapy and other mind-body healing practice for fifteen years. Plus she owned a local, organic, ethical, and sustainably-grown produce restaurant  for thirteen years.  She continues to enjoy organic, sustainable gardening, walking, swimming, traveling, and helping the local food movement grow among other endeavors. 

Diane is the Secretary of the Great Mother Love Way Inc.


Thomas Wright is a retired engineer with 37 years of professional experience. He currently serves as a volunteer chaplain for Frederick Health Hospital and the Hospice of Frederick County. He also has demonstrated a lifelong interest in spiritual and esoteric studies.

Thomas is a Board Member-at-Large for the Great Mother Love Way Inc.

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