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Home & Land Clearings/Blessings

As a Gaia Priestess/Medicine Woman with the capacity to tune into the energies of buildings and the land in person and long-distance, Mare conducts land and house clearings and blessings for those who might feel the need for a clearing or just wish to have a more positive atmosphere in their home and property.

​This service involves the removal of denser energies or ghosts, and provides an overall blessing at the end of the clearing that would support more positive interactions for all who live in the home. The clearing would extend out to whole property in cooperation with the local Nature Spirits also. Spiritual guardians are then called on to protect the home once the clearing is finished.


Every home absorbs the energetic imprints of those who live there and if there has been a tumultuous relationship in a home, it is highly recommended that the home be spiritually cleared to support more healing energetics. Mare can offer this in-person or long-distance.


Site of land blessing on Orcas Island.

Thank you SO much Mare!! I so much enjoyed your Blessing our land! I feel lighter and at greater peace here. We've already experienced great openings since you left!  
We were just notified that we are granted a permit to bring guests here for retreat/rental getaways in the guest house. We faced several big obstacles that seemed to just dissipate!
We are thrilled! So much love,
respect and admiration!

~ KN, Orcas Island, Washington

Special afternoon with Mare Cromwell-- she did a sacred ceremony to bring my office into alignment with all the new energies that are occurring. The crystals in the floor are now in harmony with Mother Earth, the gongs are harmonized to dance with the crystals. My treatment space was blessed to allow the highest intention of healing for those who come for sessions. I was given tools to help maintain the space, and help me further my journey as an energy healer. Perfect day - and THANK YOU Mare for all you do with Mother Earth.  

Follow up- two weeks later:  First clients in the newly attuned space - mother and daughter - and such peaceful and harmony while they were there. Treatments seemed deeper and for me took less time. They loved it!

~ S.S., Maryland

I am astounded that I was blessed with Mare Cromwell for a Sacred Land
consult! Her work is profoundly transformative because she has been transformed by Mother Earth, the elements, the creatures, plants, insects, soil,
energies …  the Spirit who animates us All. 

~ SH, Redlands, California

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