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The Great Mother Love Way

About the "Way"

"The Great Mother Love Way” is a Way of Being, as the Tao is a way of Being. It offers a year-long set of teachings to bring us back into the Quantum Divine Love field which we have forgotten we source from. It also offers a grounded path deeply connected to the Great Mother, to live on this gloriously Sacred Earth in a way that honors the divinity of all that is around us with reverence and joy – to ensure that the future generations of all beings can flourish.


Why "The Great Mother Love Way"?

There is a New Earth birthing through the chaos at this time with the Ascension energetics rising across our Sacred Planet. As this birthing continues, there is a spiritual imperative from the celestial realms for humans to embrace a more evolved Spirituality of Oneness.


This Spirituality weaves Quantum Divine Love into the rising and balancing of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine​ planetary energetics to bring us to the full state of Oneness. This Oneness dynamic that is pulling us into the future is also founded upon a deep reverence toward all beings
as they are all inherently One also.

AND we are being called to manifest Sustainable Cultural Systems ​based not only on Wisdom but Quantum Divine Love.  Spiritual Councils of Ascended Masters and more are coordinating this birthing process and one rather high set of councils 'led' by the 'Family of ONE' has asked Mare Cromwell (Gaia Mystic & High Priestess, Visionary, Author and Healer) to organize this course. Oona & Oon lead these Councils respectively and Oona's council includes Mother Gaia and the Virgin Mary along with other significant Divine Feminine beings.

Mare has surrendered not only to Mother Gaia but also to these high councils to be a conduit of their spiritual energies and wisdom to support the New Earth birthing presently.

One underlying premise for the Great Mother Love Way is that our inherent nature is Love, sourcing from the Quantum Love of Creation and Mother Gaia. The trees know this. The whales and dolphins and owls know this. All beings here on our Sacred Earth are aware of this other than most of the human race.

Mother Gaia along with the Greater Spiritual Realms are calling for all humans to come Home to this Truth of Love, and learn how to Celebrate our amazing gift of being alive here and now to help birth the New Earth.


Image by Leigh J. McCloskey

The next year-long course starts September, 2024!

"For all who hear the call to do this year-long training, there will be adventures, surprises, and more goodness than you can ever imagine."

~ A direct quote from the Spiritual Council who have requested that Mare lead this course - which includes Mother Gaia, Virgin Mary and more Council members.

Virgin Mary Light.jpg

About Mare

This course is based upon Mare's guidance from the

Spiritual realms, life work & multi-award-winning books.


Photo by Dennis Crews

Mare has surrendered to serve the Great

Mother. She is a Gaia Mystic & High Priestess, Author, Healer & Visionary who has led

events around the world. Her books include:

“Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother” and "The Great Mother Bible".

Mare has studied with Native American

teachers for 26 years along with other gifted mentors and is the Visionary & Co-Weaver of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid. She is a Mid-Wife of the New Earth devoted to the Divine Mother in all of her manifestations.  


​Mare Cromwell is an extraordinary, loving, compassionate, and oh-so-wise being who is a profound and authentic voice of Mother Gaia. Her sacred ceremonies and guided meditations go deep into the heart and truth of the matter at hand. The big and important work Mare is doing for the greater good of this planet and all her inhabitants is truly inspiring. All would be blessed to receive her radiant presence and her healing, awakening, and transformative gifts. 

~ Linda Shay Nai'a, Dolphin Ambassador for Joyful Living &

 author of "Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land"  

Mare Cromwell and "The Great Mother Love Way" are nothing less than a life changing combination.  Get ready to learn, grow, and evolve throughout the year.  If you hear the call,  you will not be disappointed that you followed your heart to Mare's guided teachings with Mother Gaia (and a very large spiritual team) at the wheel.  

~ K.E., Maryland

The Great Mother Love Way

Course Overview

The Great Mother Love Way is a year-long course with sessions two times/month, along with a course retreat (if conditions permit).

Mystery School


The training is part Mystery School as we will discuss some of the deep aspects of our existence that dance in the Mystery far more than many realize. We will delve into experiencing the Quantum Divine Love of the Great Mystery within the "Way". The primary purpose of this training is to help Mid-Wife the New Earth coming in with ease and grace, compassion and forgiveness – and pure hearts.



You will learn about energy, and space and personal energy body clearings, shamanic journeying and more. There will be Spiritual Activations offered during the training to help amplify your energy field and ground each person into a more heart-filled, intimate relationship with Mother Gaia and her Holy Trinity, and the Greater Mother Team on the omni-cosmic realms. Participants will also be given various spiritual guardians to support them in their life, according to Spirit and the individual’s needs.

Priestess & Priest


By the end of the year-long course, each participant who completes the full training

will understand the responsibilities of being a Mother Gaia Priestess or Priest, or LoveWorker or WayShower. This includes a commitment to a high level of integrity, humility and service for the Highest Good for Divine Plan Alignment for Mother Gaia and the New Earth birthing now. Individuals will be initiated as they choose.

The "Great Mother Love Way" has helped me transform hugely. I have developed a stronger soul connection to Mother Gaia and Creation and my own Light Team. I also have a deeper sense of who I am, as the course has encouraged me to journey deeply inwards so I can step further into my role in this incarnation and truly be the being I am meant to be.

~ H.W., The Netherlands

Course Topics

The year-long course will be partly based on Mare's

multi-award-winning books: 

"Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother" & 

"The Great Mother Bible".

It will cover the following topics, plus more:

•  Quantum Divine LOVE– what does this mean?


•  Who is our new Mother Gaia and her Holy Trinity?


•  Who is the Great Mother Spiritual Council (multi-dimensional spiritual council that guided the 1000 Goddesses Gathering & Global Grid) and their role in birthing the New Earth coming in - Ascension?


•  Spiritual exercises to tap into the Quantum Divine Love – directly with Mother Gaia and more.


•  LoveWorking 101 and 201, along with studies of Mother's 13 Love Directives and Precepts.

•  Who is the Great Father Team?

All Connected-WebChild.jpg

Image by Robby Donaghey

•  Grounding, Grounding, Grounding ~ Staying fully in our Bodies in the midst of the energetic and physical shifts happening during the Ascension. Along with Energetic Shielding.

•  Shedding the Cultural Conditioning and Finding our True Heart, as we shift from the Age of Separation into the Age of Oneness.

•  What is a Spiritual Warrior and how to step into that role to help birth the New Earth.

•  Sustainability as an Act of Life & Love, not just wisdom and/or fear. With specific teachings on how to live more sustainably using "The Natural Step Framework" created by Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert from Sweden.

•  Altars – what are they, why work with Altars, how to create an activated one. (Sacred Geometry.)


•  Healing from the 3rd Dimension to 4th Dimension to 5th Dimension, and what this means in our lives.

•  Wisdom from other beings and realms beyond the human ones here on our most Sacred Earth, and how to honor them: Animals, Plants, Nature Spirits, Sasquatch, more.

•  The Dance of Healing the Wounded Masculine – Wounded Feminine ways (Shadow work, plus), to evolve into our Divine Feminine – Divine Masculine selves and eventually into our Oneness State.


Image (c) Asako Eguchi. Permission granted.


•  Honoring our multi-dimensionality and soul journeys in the highly complex cosmic dance we are in.​


•  What does it mean to become a Mother Gaia Priestess or Priest?

•  Sacred Gardening in reality and as a metaphor for the Great Mother Love Way. Your garden as a Medicine Wheel and more.

•  What is this New Earth being born at this time via the Ascension?

Photo (c) Harold Blum. Permission granted.

•  What is "Good Ceremony" and how to lead "Good Ceremony" that is for the Highest Good for Divine Plan Alignment.


•  The Role of Sacred Silliness in Birthing this New Earth – for Real.


•  How do you Start Your Day as a Sacred Being?

•  Why Chocolate is the answer to everything.   ;~) 

HaroldB-Anemone_.jpg .jpg

Photo (c) Harold Blum. Permission granted.

Mare Cromwell is authentic and compassionate, and her level of support, guidance
and healing within the Great Mother Love Way and personal sessions has been powerful for me. She gently steered me in the direction I needed to go, while at the same time sharing tools and skills to help me stay aligned to my path. Mare helped me perceive myself and my life in new
and profound ways that has facilitated tremendous spiritual growth.

I feel deeply seen, heard and understood. Thank you, Mare! 

~ A.S., Australia

Course Logistics

Each month starting in late September, 2024 (other than September, when we will meet only once) there will be two 75 minute teachings via Zoom, with assignments to encourage participants to go deeper. The course will end in August, 2024.

The Tuesday class will first meet on Sept 24 at 8pm EST and then on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month.

The Wednesday class will meet initially on Sept 25 at 8pm Amsterdam time, and continue on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month.

Downloadable Recordings

All live teaching sessions with Mare will be recorded and available to download.

Healing Sessions

Every participant may receive

a 1 hour long-distance healing/spiritual coaching session with Mare at 50% rate, long-distance, every two months - 6 total. (Mare’s normal rates for long-distance sessions, sliding scale $222 - $333.) If someone wishes more sessions than 1 @ 2 months, the other sessions will

be at Mare's standard

sliding scale rate.


More on Mare’s Healing Practice.


Photo by Dennis Crews

Facebook Group

A secret Facebook group will be created for private discussion.

(Not mandatory)

Potential Retreat

If conditions permit, there will be an in-person long weekend retreat offered for participants in North America. For participants in other parts of the world, Mare will determine the feasibility of a 

long-weekend retreat in

those regions.


Cost TBA – (outside of the monthly fee). ​

Your Investment:

Sliding Scale: $111.11 - $177.77/ month

AND if this cost is prohibitive for you, please contact Mare for another arrangement. She wants this to be accessible to all those who feel deeply called to do the training.

See Course Agreements & Policies below.

The work I have done in the Great Mother Love Way has been truly transformational
in ways I could not even imagine a few months ago. Mare is an expert at sculpting classes
that lead participants into being deeply connected with Mother Gaia, with spirit
and with themselves. Mare is an authentic approachable teacher so I have
felt able to ask questions freely. I wholeheartedly recommend this course!

~ C.V., California


More Praise

I recently attended a "Great Mother Love Way" retreat that Mare led. I
found it amazing!  The teachings and experiences were transformative yet it was the atmosphere of love from and for Mother Gaia that was special for me.
Mare opened and held space for us where I felt we were like happy kids playing
in a pool of rosy golden love beams, believing we can create anything we dream, even a universe of joy and oneness.  Kind of magic.  :-). I came home with a glow that’s still
with me.  The retreat was a gift to myself that I can happily recommend to anyone.

~ D.J., Canada

In my own experience, the absolute prerequisite for my spiritual
growth is feeling completely safe.

With "The Great Mother Love Way", Mare offers a very safe container in which
you are invited to heal, grow, and blossom in your own time. It has allowed me to open up my heart even more, deepening the connection with myself, with Mother Gaia, and with my Spirit Guides. I am so very grateful for this ​experience and the rich teachings.
What a blessed year it has been! 

~ C.E., Netherlands

Mare Cromwell is a very gifted, respectful and connected teacher
of wisdom, truth, integration and collectivity!

~ J.W., Florida

What an adventure! And the adventure continues because Mare is a game changer.
I can no longer look upon myself as I once did. It feels as if I have been lifted out of a 3D existence to see a real world in 4D and even sometimes 5D now! My body feels more
Real to me along with having greater awareness of my Higher Self and
​its deep connection to the Mothers. 

~ L.S., Pennsylvania

The Great Mother Love Way Course Agreements and Policies

By registering and sending payment (after your interview with Mare), you agree to the Great Mother Love Way Course Agreements and Policies:


• I understand I shall receive from this program what I put in and take responsibility for my own awakening, transformation and healing journey. 


• I respect the intimacy of this container and I will not publicly share what is shared in the container.


• I honor the container and shall keep my sharing in the container from my personal experience. 


• I agree not to share the program materials with others who are not in the online program.


• I am committed to my self-care and I am self-resourced to receive supplementary outside support for my healing if this is needed.


• I understand that while Mare is a spiritual healer, and I have access to her for individual one-on-one sessions, she is not a professional Therapist and her work is not in replacement of Therapy.


• I understand there are no refunds for registering for this online program.


• I understand the program is recorded through visual and audio and all replays are available to download to keep after each class.


• I understand my information creates the basis of a membership. My name and e-mail are kept in the Great Mother Love Way database to keep me up to date on future offerings. I may unsubscribe at any time.


• I agree to the Great Mother Love Way course Agreements.

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