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New GaiaTeach, 11/30/22
"You are Loved & Never Alone. Trust"

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To access the free Mother's Love Cord Connection or Gaia's Oneness Grid, scroll below. xoxoxox

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"I am the greatest Mother figure ... of compassion, gentleness and love exponential. I yearn for all of you to reach out, to accept my love ... reconnect with me."


"The Great Mother Bible"

(Channeled by Mare Cromwell)

The Great Mother Love Way (501(c)3) creates programs and events to help
humanity wake up to the truth that we are part of a sacred sentient Earth. Mother Gaia
yearns for us to remember her and that her Love for us is tremendous. She is calling
for us to come Home to her and all the Sacred Seen & Unseen Ones,
to heal into our true place on the planet. 

We are thrilled to announce that the highly popular

 "New Earth Gardening & Other Good Fun!" webinar that the amazing Dutch Nature Spirit Mystic & Wizard Cornelis Jan Cuperus and Mare Cromwell co-led in the winter is now available to access as a pre-recorded package. Yay!!


"This webinar took me completely by surprise! I always thought my connection to Earth was profound & meaningful. This bought me to a completely new place. Out popped from it - an alive sense of fun & exhilarating joy on my walks in nature. Something woke up – in a great symphony!

"The level of ‘seeing’ by both Mare & Cornelis is incredible. To be in the

Presence of these two with their Great Being Teams was such a gift. I’m falling

short with words. Any Gardener of this Beautiful Earth, will be enriched, any householder too, in fact anyone ~ the advice is practical and complete in building

New Heaven on Earth with all these Beings Unseen or Seen. It doesn’t matter

if you can’t see these beings either. Coming together in their circle feels

so important at this time. The Earth must be so happy that this

work is now available ~ thank you from my Heart,

Mare & Cornelis Jan!

~ J.L. Scotland


This Webinar builds on the "Nature Spirits' Invitation" Webinar that

Cornelis Jan & Mare co-led in 2022. They are both high energy, FUN and deeply activating webinars chock full of information and Nature Spirits' Love!

Mother Gaia's "State of the Earth" Address

February 8th, 2024

Channeled by Mare Cromwell
(Previous One - Feb 14th, 2020)

Why the

"Great Mother Love Way?"

This is the Time of Great Healing. We are being spiritually called to collectively remember Who We Are as Divine Beings – gifted a human body on this amazingly beautiful planet – and manifest a world of harmony, peace, balance, joy and reverence for all beings. This phase in human history has been foretold by Indigenous Elders for centuries.


Gaia - by Claudia Olivos.  Used with permission.

What Do We Do? 


The Great Mother Love Way is founded upon the work of Gaia Mystic & High Priestess, Mare Cromwell. Mother’s energy and consciousness were brought into Mare’s energy body (per Mother's request) in a ceremony with an Algonquin Medicine Man in June, 2012. Mother started speaking very clearly to Mare by the end of that ceremony and asked Mare to deeply surrender to serve her.

We provide spiritual messages from Mother Gaia and lead programs to awaken humanity to come Home to Mother. Messages of wisdom and love from Mother are regularly shared as GaiaTeachings on YouTube, on Facebook and within our blog along with our newsletters. (Mare's rapport with Mother Gaia has been confirmed by several prominent Native American elders.)


We also offer programs to encourage more people to realize the planet is a complex multi-dimensional Web of Love with a great diversity of Sacred Seen & Unseen Ones. These offerings are via Webinars 

with extraordinary Nature Mystics and others along with free teachings and interviews on YouTube .


In addition, annual world-wide Unified Fields of ceremonies are organized such as the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid to energetically support Mother Gaia and humanity. These help to raise the healing energies around our Sacred Earth and amplify Gaia's Oneness Grid of Quantum Divine Love. In the 7th Goddesses world-wide event in 2023, more than 254 Divine Feminine circles gathered in 30 nations. The next one will take place in Gaia-Blessed Communion with The Global Tree Grid, on November 2nd, 2024.


The Sacred Balance Global Grid in March, 2022, called for ceremonies supporting the Rising of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine together, through the healing of our culture-based wounded masculine and wounded feminine dynamics. There were more than 120 ceremonies in 31 nations.

During the Spring Equinox of 2023, the Apology Ceremonies to the Original Peoples & their Ancestors  - Global Grid, with more than 302 ceremonies held in 26 nations around the world.

Photo by Michael Van Patten


The international year-long program called the “Great Mother Love Way” has been offered since 2019. This course is a rich immersion offering the tools to cultivate a much deeper relationship with Mother. There are also advanced level classes within this training.

Plus, we plan to reach out to more diverse groups of people of differing income levels to bring Mother Gaia’s healing energies and wisdom to many more people around the globe.

Photo by Gonda Postma

How Can You Be Involved?

•  Learn more about Mother Gaia and open your heart to her love & wisdom via the books ("Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother" & "The Great Mother Bible", along with ongoing Messages from Mother.  Share these messages with others. Join the "Great Mother Love Way" course. And access the Nature Spirits' Invitation Webinar package.

•  Download the Free "Mother's Love Cord Meditation" & "Gaia's Oneness Grid Visualization" to receive Spiritual Activations to be connected with Mother - see below.

•  Live as simply & environmentally sustainably as possible, shifting toward a regenerative joy-filled lifestyle.

•  Participate in the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid, or other Global Grids, or attend one of the semi-monthly webinars.

 CONTRIBUTE to support the Great Mother Love Way's vision and offerings to help us collectively usher in our New Earth.


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Mother's Love Cord

Learn how to be more sacredly connected

with the Great Mother.

[Spanish version HERE.]

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The Free "Gaia's Oneness Grid" Visualization is available at the bottom of this page.  


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Recent Interviews

THe Soul Rose Show - Kajabi Final Podcast Episode Image for Website  (4).png
​Mare Cromwell is not a mere person, she is an experience; a living, breathing manifestation of the love of Mother Gaia herself.  She is the Shield Priestess of Gaia – a woman on a sacred mission to teach others to embrace their Divine center connected to Gaia within themselves, to be a beacon of light and healing in a world that most desperately needs it on so many levels right now. This is truly a Goddess and I am blessed to
have her in my life and you will be as well.

KATHRYN HALL, Intuitive​

More Great Mother Love Way Offerings

In 2024


The Great Mother Love Way

~ Become a Luminous Love Node for the New Earth! ~

“The Great Mother Love Way” is a way of Being, as the Tao

is a way of Being. It is a year-long set of teachings to bring us back

into the Quantum Divine Love field that we have forgotten from which we source. It also offers a grounded path deeply connected

to the Great Mother, to live on this gloriously

Sacred Earth in a way that honors the

divinity of all  that is around us

with reverence and joy.





My life will never be the same after the GMLW course. It is such an amazing and truly transformative experience. The wisdom Mare teaches makes all the dots start to connect. I cherish the deeper connection with Mother Gaia and my spirit team.

And the healing and spiritual growth I experienced in a session with Mare is unsurpassed.
I so love this course.
Thank you, Mare!



Mare Cromwell is a presence of love, grace and humility. Her deep devotion to be in service to Mother Gaia is a profound inspiration. 

Her example & teachings are an answer to my intentions and prayers; to manifest a guide and teacher to bring me closer to my spirit team, my ancestors, Mother Gaia and my deeper

spiritual gifts.



You are most invited to immerse yourself in the wisdom

and love of the Nature Spirits!  :~p

The Nature Spirits' Invitation

This rich and joyous Six Session Self-Paced Webinar was actually coordinated by the Nature Spirit realms! Plus the Unicorns, Dragons, Ogres and others who

came forward to be introduced!


Permission (c)  Asako Eguchi


Permission (c)  Eelke-Jan Wiersma

A deeply informative and fun course requested by

the Nature Spirit realms and co-taught by Mare with the tremendous Dutch Nature Spirit Mystic and Wizard, Cornelis Jan Cuperus.

This self-paced webinar teaches about these beings of great intelligence and joy and how to connect with them– along with providing Spiritual Activations – to help

co-create our New Earth.

Spiritual Global Grids


1000 Goddesses Gathering

& The Global Tree Grid


The 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid is an annual call

to action to elevate the Luminous Love energetics of our Sacred Earth by

a powerful Unified Field of Divine Feminine ceremonies.

More than 254 ceremonies in 30 nations were

"co-webwoven" in 2023 to help usher in our New Earth.

The Unified Field of Ceremonies in 2024 will be our 8th Unified Field.

It will be in Gaia-Blessed Communion with the Ancient Tree Grid
which extends around our Sacred Earth.

More details forthcoming soon.


Photographer Unknown


Sunday, March 19th, 2023

A Council of Indigenous Ancestors on the Spirit Plane requested that we organize a Global Grid of Apology Ceremonies to the Original Peoples & their Ancestors. These were directed to the local Original Peoples (the Ancestors still exist there on the Spirit Plane)

or the Original People's Nations world-wide depending upon the region and inner guidance of the ceremonial leaders.

Over 302 ceremonies in 26 nations took place weaving a beautiful healing field around the planet which extended

into the Ancestral Realms.

Select Spiritual Downloads,
Meditations & Webinars


Sasquatch - Guardians of Mother Gaia ~ Webinar w/ SunBôw Truebrother - 6/29/23

#GaiaTeach - Brave New World

June Solstice 2023

Cancer's Message to the Human Realms. 8/28/21

#GaiaTeach - On Artificial Intelligence & the Greater Plan - 6/25/23

#GaiaTeach - You are Loved & Never Alone. Trust." - 11/30/22

Mary Magdalene: Teachings, Caution & Initiation. 3/20/21

Be notified of GaiaTeachings, plus,
on our YouTube Channel


Messages from Mother....
Earth Mother

"'Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother' is a beautiful, magical school bus for grown-ups. I had such an interesting experience as I was reading. It suddenly came upon me with a deep understanding. The voice I was reading in the book was literally

the voice of Pacha Mama. 

I LOVE this book!"

~ Iva Dundas, Co-Director of "The Road to Q’ero – A Journey Home"

HaroldBlumBlue Lily.jpg

Mare, since the ceremony and workshop with you, my life

purpose is seeming loud and clear that I, too, have a place ​in the Great Turning other than being an observer tinkering with my little story. Thank you for this reminder that ceremony is a

daily practice and opening to the Mother is not a

once off thing but a daily blessing.

So much has changed and opened up in my awareness. I

want to acknowledge Mother’s wisdom and all that she

shares. I take her into my heart as my guide.

Huge, humble thanks for the guidance!




Gaia's Oneness Grid

Receive a deeply healing activation grounded

into Mother Gaia’s heart, to help to amplify Gaia’s Oneness Grid – an energetic web around our Sacred Earth supporting the full birthing

of our New Earth.

[Spanish version HERE.]

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"Benediction" by Kay Kemp

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