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Connecting with Gaia’s Web of Love - Meditation


Led by Gaia Mystic & High Priestess Mare Cromwell


Mother Gaia and all of her Sacred Seen and Unseen Ones are yearning for the human realms to wake up and reweave ourselves from our hearts back into the Sacred Web of Love which weaves throughout the planet. This knowledge is buried deep within our DNA as our very distant ancestors were quite conscious about how they lived within this Web of Love. Indigenous peoples have not forgotten this Web of Love. It is time for all of us to re-member.


Gaia Mystic & High Priestess Mare Cromwell teaches about Gaia’s Web of Love and how to connect in with it in a simple spiritual practice. This is a spiritual exercise that individuals can do on a regular basis to help one reconnect back into the Web in a conscious, heart-based way. When doing this, we create a field of healing energy that supports a collective awakening to rejoin the sacred sentient beings around us.


Mare spiritually downloaded this exercise from Mother Gaia in 2022. Mother is keen for as many people as possible to practice this so that we can heal our way back into the Sacred relationship with the plant, animal, bird and nature spirit realms that we are meant to be in, along with Mother herself.


There is a New Earth birthing at this time and Mother Gaia is calling us Home to remember our rightful role on our planet as the energies continue to rise and great shifts happen. By practicing Gaia’s Web of Love, we are reconnecting with the energetic Web of high spiritual frequency that the Sacred Seen and Unseen realms never left. They are extending their ‘hands’ to us and inviting us to consciously unite with them again. Yet we need to open our hearts to them and take the invitation.


It’s time and all are encouraged to join!


[Note: This is a pre-recorded teaching and meditation from Earth Day 2023.]



About Mare Cromwell


Mare Cromwell is a humble servant to the Great Mother. As an internationally known Gaia Mystic & High Priestess, visionary, healer and award-winning author, she is here to help Love the New Earth in. Mare has studied with Native Americans elders for 26 years, and spiritually downloaded the books: “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother” and "The Great Mother Bible". Her life of surrender was activated in 2012 when Mother’s energy and consciousness were brought into Mare’s soul body in a ceremony with a Native elder. Promptly after the ceremony, Mare heard Mother’s voice very clearly and she has been guided closely since. She leads the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid and the Apology Ceremonies to the Original Peoples & their Ancestors – Global Grid. She also teaches the “Great Mother Love Way”. Mare has just launched a new non-profit called “The Great Mother Love Way”.





Gaia's Web of Love - Meditation

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