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These are the times of beautiful rising energies into full Ascension on our Sacred Earth. Many people are consciously experiencing these energies and committed to their spiritual growth and supporting the Birthing of our New Earth.


However, few are aware of the imperative that we re-member our divine connection with Mother Gaia and all the Sacred Seen & Unseen Ones around us—in order for us to reach full Ascension.


A universe of highly intelligent beings in the Nature Spirit realms have invited us to shift into multi-dimensional co-creation with them to further the New Earth process. And … our gardens are where we can deeply awaken to the reality of these Sacred Seen & Unseen Ones, and the gentle presence of Mother.


The truth is that we used to work with these sacred ones … and we can’t reach full Ascension without cultivating a Divine Partnership with them. Their role on Earth is integral to all life!


Learn from the internationally-known Nature Mystics, Cornelis Jan Cuperus and Mare Cromwell, within a ‘Sacred Silliness’TM laced six-session webinar—on this vast topic called "New Earth Gardening & Other Good Fun!".


Mother Gaia and a host of Nature Spirits are teaching through these mystics also!

New Earth Gardening & Other Good Fun!

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  • This is a collection of six m4a audio files that should be accessible within most audio listening software. xoxoxox

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